The Investment Illusion

A white paper, authored by the founders of Triple Partners, in which they expose the “Investment Illusion”: the notion, promoted by the asset management industry, that you can beat the market by using them to actively participate in three investment ‘games’:

  • stock picking
  • manager picking
  • market timing

The white paper provides an abundance of evidence, based on academic research, showing that actively pursuing the Illusion inevitably leads to disappointing investment performance in the long run. It also offers an alternative. A time tested Investment Solution. Triple Partners’ business and investment philosophy is based on the principles and conclusions described in this white paper.

Click here to download a free electronic copy of The Investment Illusion and here to buy a hardcopy.

This whitepaper was the basis for ‘De Beleggingsillusie’. A book in Dutch, which was published in may 2014.